Violin building (click here for more info)
Germany´s famous violin builders´ capital features a small but beautiful museum and numerous concerts.

Fresco paintings
When Goethe stayed in Mittenwald during one of his trips to Italy, he described our village as a “living picture book”. And even now, when you stroll through the alleys and look at the houses, you´ll see colourful fresco paintings - most of them depicting biblical scenes or stories from Mittenwald´s past.

Authentic Bavarian Music/Dance:
Mittenwald may not be as posh as it´s neighbour Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but if you wish to get in touch with real “native” Bavaria you´ll find this is the place to be.
In the small local pub “Zum Nachtwächter” Mittenwald people often bring their instruments and play original Bavarian music. Go there one evening, eat Hilde´s famous curried sausage (“Currywurst”) or roast pork with dumplings (“Schweinsbraten mit Knödel”), and with a bit of luck you´ll hear Mittenwald´s musicians.
Bavarian music is also an essential part of the official tourist program Mittenwald offers.
Check with the Tourist Office (“Kurverwaltung”) if you´re interested in these events that comprise music, dance and information.

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